Trade with Greeece

Trade with Greece magazine is an offer of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Greece to its members and to all interested parties.

This is an annual English-language printed paper, aimed at informing on issues related to entrepreneurship, economy and political developments in our country.

The publishing and printing of the magazine is being exclusively undertaken by Alpha Omega Publications.


Anaptiksi magazine is an offer of the Greek Chamber of Commerce and Industry to its members, but also to any interested party.

This is a monthly publication, which aims to inform on issues related to the facts and the economy around the field of entrepreneurship.

The publishing and printing of the magazine is being exclusively undertaken by Alpha Omega Publications.


Vet News

It is a bimonthly veterinary leaflet distributed free of charge to the country's veterinarians, whether these concern productive or pet animals. The Vet News was created with a view to the evolution of veterinary medicine. It is addressed to the Greek Veterinarian and is intended to cover every possible need for communication and information about the specific industry.

It publishes veterinary news, scientific articles, as well as everything else that takes place during the year, always aiming at the evolution and briefing of the practitioner.

Pet News

Pet News magazine is a platform of communication between companies and pet-veterinarian professionals.
This form of communication has been designed to cover every possible need of the recipient, since the information is handled simultaneously and parallely in four forms:
-The quarterly professional PET NEWS publication, which is sent by mail and courier at 2,000 points.
-The website www.pet-news.gr, where are written ande placed subjects which concern our magazine.
-The internet TV channel www.pet-tv.gr, with exclusive Greek productions, corresponding to the magazine's themes.


Pet News Free Press

Pet News Free Press is distributed free of charge to the final consumer. The distribution points are 150 selected pet shops & vets with a total circulation of 30,200 sheets! The newspaper Pet News is released every month, and is unique in its appearance as well as its content.

It approaches the pet owner in a distinctive way, informing him about all the animal issues that concern him.

Kynigesia and Kynofilia

Kynigesia and Kynofilia is the legacy of the hunting family, since it has been issued for more than half a century.

Always on the basis of culture, tradition and respect for the nature and the animals that we hunt, the oldest hunting form continues unaltered and will not stop enriching with knowledge and valuable information its readers.

These two characteristics are essential for every hunter, because in this way we are able to transmigrate the hunting culture to the next generations.

Kynigetika Nea

Kynigetika Nea are on the cutting edge of providing valid and timely information on a weekly basis.

A multitude of specialized writers from all over Greece, work constantly to convey to the readers the latest developments and whatever happens around the hunting world.

With their long-standing presence, "Kynigetika Nea" have won the title "the hunters' newspaper".